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Getting Started

This guide will walk you through the Easy Connect portion of the piping workflow. To begin this workflow, ensure you have a point database model, and piping model for your project already created, QA’ed, and opened.

Select Easy Connect

Easy Connect button and dialog box
Fig 1: Easy Connect Dialog

Only High Confidence Connections: EdgeWise will only connect cylinders that it is positive are connected

All Possible Connections: Any connection that is possible within EdgeWise

How it works:

  • Looks at the center lines, and the diameter
  • Will never make T-connections, reducers or “impossible” connections like U-turns

We suggest starting at a lower percentage, like 15%, and re-running the tool to build off of it. To ensure the most connections that are the most useful to you!

After Easy Connect, the model will look like:

example of connectors
Fig 2: Easy Connected Model

The straight black cylinders are “Connections”. Open the Part Info Smart Sheet, and select a black connection in the 3D view. If connection is listed under the type column the cylinders will not export to any deliverable software.

Now that this step is complete, continue to the Semi-Automatic Extraction and Connection article.

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