Tips For Duct Extraction & Alignment

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Getting Started

This article will cover best practices and tips for duct extraction and alignment using EdgeWise. Refer to the Ducting Quick Start guide for the full workflow. If EdgeWise is still struggling to perform duct extraction and alignment in your project, then refer to the tips below.

Two Sides

Perform the initial duct extraction in an area with good point cloud coverage. Try drawing the extraction box to capture two sides of the Duct, preferably the depth and width.

Fig 1: Extraction using the Depth and Width of the duct

Set To Selected

Use the Set To Selected tool after selecting an already extracted duct to set the size of the extraction tool. This tool will make the next extraction match the size of the currently selected element, instead of picking a size from the catalogue. To revert this change, use the A hotkey to set the size back to Autofit.

Tips Duct Extraction Alignment Set to Selected
Fig 2: Changes the “Auto fit” to a True Size in the catalog


After extracting multiple ducts, select all the ducts in a run and use the Snapping: Aligned tool. This tool will rotate the ducts on the center line so the corners will match up, making the connections come in seamlessly.

Fig 3: Aligns Ducts in a chain to a selected duct


If a duct becomes disconnected from the chain while editing, the Snapping: Reconnect tool allows for the duct to be attached back on. Simply select the ducts that you would like to reconnect, then click the Snapping dropdown, and click Reconnect. Use the tab key to see all the ducts in the connected chain.

Tips Duct Extraction Alignment Snap Aligned
Fig 4: Reconnects ducts back to the chain

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