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Below is a list of hot keys used in EdgeWise. Using Hotkeys is a very simple way to speed up the workflow even more!

(SPACE & ESC):  “Navigate”

(F):  “Focus”

(Z): Toggles the point database on and off

(ENTER):  Manual refresh point database

(RIGHT CLICK): This will open the right click menu which can be used to switch the defined active model


(E):  “Edit Pipe

(D):  “Move”

(S):  “Slide” component

(W):  “Rotate” component

(B):  “Split” pipe into multiple sections

(G):  “Multi-Select” mass delete

(C):  “Connect” straight pipe and elbow

(R):  “Reducer” connection

(T):“Tee” or “Y” connection

(X):  “Extract Pipe”

(A):  “Flange” tool

(V):  “Valve” tool

(Y):  “Approved”

(Q): Parts Table (QA)

(I):  Chain Table (Layering)


(X): Extraction

(S): Set to selected

(A): Auto fit Size

(Q): Smart Sheet

(R): Resize


(Y): Approved

Windows Keys

Ctrl +Z:  “Undo”

Ctrl +Y:  “Redo”

Ctrl +C:  “Copy”

Ctrl +V:  “Paste”

Ctrl +S:  “Save”

Ctrl +P:  “Print”

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