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Getting Started

The ducting module inside of EdgeWise allows you to extract rectangular ducting from the point database. This article will cover the different Export options within the ducting module in EdgeWise.

Keep in mind, some Ducting Export options may require additional tools outside of EdgeWise. Ensure you have already completed the previous workflow steps, Semi-Automated Extraction and QA, as well as Alignment and Connection.


Navigate to the File tab and click Export to Revit. Save the .c3rvt file and proceed to use the EdgeWise Import Plugin within Revit to import your data.


To export using the COE format, click the Export drop-down button in the File tab, and choose either the AutoCAD or MicroStation COE format options. The COE format requires the Leica COE plugin, which is located here.


The STEP export option is located under the Export drop-down menu in the File tab. While this format does not preserve intelligence, it will still export simple geometry.

Smart Points

The last export option is Smart Points. This format allows you to export only the point data associated with your selected elements.

First, select which items you would like to have corresponding point data for. Next, select the Smart Points export option. Finally, set your inclusive distance and then select OK.

Ducting Smart Points Export EdgeWise
Fig 1: SmartPoints Export option

The inclusive distance is the additional distance away from your selected elements you’d like to include in the resulting file.

Ducting Inclusive Distance Export
Fig 2: Smart Cloud Export window

The corresponding .RCP or .PTS file can then be loaded into your deliverable project.

Ducting Smart Points Export Revit
Fig 3: SmartPoint Export inside of Revit
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