Point Database Workflow Crash

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This article will cover the reasons why the Point Database Workflow may crash. If you are using the Point Database Workflow and it causes a crash, then there is usually something wrong with the .c3DB file.

The ability for EdgeWise to detect walls from an already existing Point Database was introduced in Version 5.4. To do this, you would click Process Scans and select the Use Database Workflow option. Next, you would find your .c3DB file, change your wall detection settings, and click Start.


The quickest element to check in this process is how old your .c3DB file is. If your .c3DB file was created in an older version of EdgeWise, then the Point Database Workflow will NOT work. The newer algorithm that allows for this function requires certain information be written to the .c3DB file. Unfortunately there was no way to make this backwards compatible with older files. Simply reprocess your scans using the structured or unstructured workflows to produce your .c3DB and wall model files. From here, this new .c3DB file can be used in future Point Database Workflow processes.

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