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Getting Started

This article will cover the snapping tools within the ducting module in EdgeWise. Snapping tools within EdgeWise are similar between the ducting, structure, and piping modules.

Snapping Tools

Snapping Tools Ducting
Fig 1: Snapping Tools Drop Down Menu

Perform the following steps to take advantage of the snapping tools:

  1. Select a duct element in the view.
  2. Click on the Snapping drop-down menu to view the list of snapping options.
  3. Click on a snapping option.
  4. For Vertical or Horizontal, the snap will occur immediately (no other input is necessary). For Parallel, Perpendicular, Collinear, Aligned, or Reconnect, click on a reference (target) duct element to complete the snapping process.

Below is a list of each snapping option with further information.

  • The Vertical/Horizontal option snaps a duct to be perfectly horizontal or vertical to the z-axis.
  • Parallel/Perpendicular snaps a duct element to the parallel or perpendicular orientation relative to another selected, target duct element.
  • The Collinear snapping option moves a duct element to be collinear with a target element.
  • The Aligned option, axially rotates the selected, snapped object to align with the selected, target object. Keep in mind, for elbows and transitions, the Aligned snapping will also cause the other end to rotate along with the top portion, which can break previous connections. The Aligned functionality is also useful to use at the end of creating a duct run.
  • Finally, Reconnect aligns the selected element to the selected, target object, and establishes a connection between the two.

Pro Tip: After creating a duct run, it can be helpful to perform a final check to ensure that ducts, connections, and transitions are all in alignment. It is best to start at one end of the run and work toward the opposing end using the “Aligned” snapping option.

For more information on creating duct runs, refer to this article.

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