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Getting Started

The building module inside of EdgeWise offers a fully automated algorithm that performs automatic wall extraction. This article will cover the steps necessary to perform automatic wall extraction through process scans.

The Building workflow is designed to start with full automation and then move on to semi-automated extraction. However, there are some cases where you may only need to extract a small portion of the entire point cloud. There are other cases where QA would take longer than starting from scratch. In these cases, you may start with Semi-Automated Extraction instead of starting with full automation. Skip straight to the article above if these cases apply to your project.

Process Scans

This process will start from the very beginning of your project. Like with any EdgeWise project, you will start by clicking the Process Scans button, located under the File tab in the top left-hand corner.

The Process Scans dialogue box will appear. Next, choose your workflow based on the makeup of your files, select your scan files, then click Open.

Upon clicking Open you will be greeted with the Process Scans Options Dialogue box. From here, adjust settings for generation of the Point Database as well as automatic wall extraction. The Save File Name and Save File Location can also be adjusted here.

Process Scans Options for Automatic Wall Extraction
Fig 1: Process Scans Dialog for Building

Refer to the Process Scans documentation found here for more information on the adjustable settings in the Process Scans Options dialogue box. Once your settings are adjusted to your liking, click Next, review the Process Scans Summary, then click Start.

EdgeWise will begin to process scans, and when finished will produce your Point Database and Wall Model.

Once EdgeWise has finished producing your wall model, you can proceed to Semi-Automated Extraction and Modification.

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