Unstructured Process Scans

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Getting Started

This article will cover general information regarding the Unstructured Process Scans workflow. Process Scans is the first step in any EdgeWise Project, and consists of three different workflows: Structured, Unstructured, and Point Database Process Scans.

The unstructured workflow only supports automatically extracting walls. The scan files need to be registered, and unstructured/unified before they are brought into EdgeWise.

File Types

The specific unstructured file types that can be brought into EdgeWise are as follows:

  • E57 (Un-Structured)
  • .PTS
  • .XYZ

Process Scans

To process your scans, click the Process Scans button located under the file tab. Upon clicking the Process Scans button, you will be prompted to choose your workflow. In this case we will be using the Unstructured Process Scans workflow. Select Use Unstructured Workflow, select your scan file(s), and click Open.

Unstructured Process Scans
Fig 1: Unstructured Process Scans

Once you have chosen the scans you wish to process, you will be asked to choose which kind of models you wish to extract from the scans—Point Database and Planes. The details of each model types are discussed below.

Point Database

Before EdgeWise can display a point cloud, you must first convert your scans to a .c3db point database model.

Unstructured Point Database dialog
Fig 2: Unstructured Point Database Dialog
  • Scanner Range – Because unstructured scan files do not contain scanner locations, and therefor points cannot be assigned an accurate distance from the scanner, The Max Range parameter will be locked to 10,000 meters when using unstructured file types, so that all data is included.
  • Point spacing – is the minimum spacing between points saved in the database. The larger the number, the sparser the point cloud will be. Denser point clouds may look slightly better, but they take considerably more disk space and time to create.
  • Create ClearView Database – EdgeWise cannot create ClearView databases from unstructured scan files, as they do not contain scanner locations.


Unstructured building dialog
Fig 3: Unstructured Building Dialog

Walls and Levels are automatically extracted in this automated process. In addition, this process is supported for the Structured, Unstructured and Database workflows, and supports all available file types. Check Automatically Extract Wall Model and EdgeWise will automatically create a wall model during process scans. If you do not wish to extract walls, simply un-check the box.

  • Wall Extraction Distance Tolerance – When EdgeWise is attempting to automatically detect a wall, this tolerance controls the maximum distance a point can be from the surface of the wall while still being used for the extraction process. Points outside of this distance from the surface of a wall will not be used in the extraction process for that wall.
  • Minimum Distance Between Levels – During Automatic Level detection, this parameter will limit the creation of levels within the specified distance of an already detected level, essentially reducing the number of duplicate or superfluous levels.
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