System Requirements for EdgeWise

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Getting Started

This article will cover system requirements for running EdgeWise. EdgeWise does not have insanely high system requirements to run the software effectively. However there are recommended system requirements to help reduce the bottle-necking of specific processes.

We recommend using an 8 thread 4th generation Core i7 or better, 2 GB RAM per thread, an SSD for processing, and OpenGL enabled graphics card with 4GB or greater. The bottle neck during processing is Disk I/O, so the first step would be upgrading to an M.2 PCIe SSD, as this will cut down time significantly. Also keep in mind, M.2 PCIe SSDs use 4 lanes, so double check to make sure the CPU and motherboard can handle the extra lanes, as some CPU/MB combinations are limited to 16 lanes which gets used by the video card (x16).

Minimum requirements

Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7 including Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium edition; Microsoft Windows Vista (SP2 or later) including Enterprise, Business, Ultimate

Processor 64-bit, dual-core processor

Memory 6 GB RAM

Graphics Card OpenGL accelerated graphics card with minimum 1 gigabyte of memory

Disk Space 2 GB free disk space for installation

Higher Specifications

How to increase speeds for processing scans: – Multiple cores and a powerful CPU – Increased RAM – Increased Disk Speed – SSD instead of HDD (biggest improvement) [M.2 PCIe SSD highly recommended)

Point Cloud Rendering: – Increased Disk Speed (SSD) – Dedicated 1 GB video card (having more cards and space will mean that you can do more on top of EdgeWise)

Everything Else: – Depends on CPU Speed

While processing data, EdgeWise will not use all of the cores while creating the database. It will, however, use multiple cores in the pipe and ground extraction. Please keep in mind that EdgeWise will not use the entire computer for processing. The more cores and the more powerful the CPU, the faster everything will be during modeling. During processing, the read/write speed is the biggest bottle neck, but during modeling, CPU speed is what is utilized.

Network EdgeWise

Server: The computation is all done client side, while the server hosts the license. The server can be running most operating systems, including most Linux Distros, short of OS X. You’ll need to install the Sentinel Protection Installer available from SafeNet on the host device. You’ll need to open TCP/UDP on two ports for full functionality, one for the license, one for the license monitor (requires Java on client, and the site to be added to the Java whitelist). The host device will also need an open USB port. RDP requires 2 seats of the license, and VMs aren’t supported very well.

Client: The requirements for clients are all based on expected data and budget, save being able to connect to the host device by TCP/UDP, either by LAN or VPN.

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