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Below you will see a list of different data sets you could use with EdgeWise. Please feel free to download the Scans and use the “Process Scans” tool to start using in our software!

Industrial Plant

  • Pipe Rack system with with piping and structural members
  • Project is made up of 19 scans from a faro scanner
  • Standard data set that is used when showing the Plant/MEP functionality

Steel Frame Assembly

  • Steel structure that is used as a scanning training site
  • 20 scans from a FARO scanner
  • Excellent data set to demonstrate the pattern steel extraction capability
  • Standard data set for structural demonstrations

Complex Ducting

  • Complex duct system with transitions and elbows ( s bend )
  • Project was scanned with a handheld scanner (Dot Product scanner)
  • Standard data set used when demonstrating ducting functionality


  • Gexcel Heron AC-2 Data
  • Unified scan data of interior office space
  • Fully setup to show As-Built and As-Design workflows

Building (Legacy)

  • Interior scans of modern building
  • Project is 30 .PTX files
  • Shows the wall extraction and windows detection
  • Standard data set used when showing building functionality
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